Powervalve Problems

I have a 300xc and I had the rod that comes from the bottom end up to the cylinder unbolted. There is a small spring in there. I have no clue which way it goes. It would be under the cover on right side of cylinder. I have it hooked up now but when I took it for a ride it feels fine till I go over half throttle then the power is just flat. I'm wondering if I have the timing messed up?

The rod moves your power valve.  it feels flat because it is probably not hooked up. snap it onto the ball of the lever it moves ( and uses a special shaped clip to hold it on).  Look up the parts diagram/ fiche online at any KTM dealer online site to see how it connects.




I have that small spring clip in and the rod moves up and down. Could it be a possibility that when I hooked it back up the power valve is in the wrong position?

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