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KLX250 EFI SubThrottle Error ( Need Help!)

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Hallo there...

I'm new here, so nice to meet you guys... btw, I  can't found any introduction thread, so I guess I'm gonna just start a thread.. :)


I have a 2012 klx250 EFI,, now I had a problem on it...


I have an error on my Subthrottle,, is anyone here had a same issue?? and how about solution??? I hv search on the web but can't found a thing,, some people here said that I must replace the whole Throttle Body.. Is it true?? ( I hope I shouldnt do this, because a Throttle body was too pricey for me)


And the last, can I replace klx's Throttle body with CBR's?? I see that CBR has a bigger venturi,, and cheaper also..


Thx mate :)

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