Big bore ttr 125

Has anyone got a ttr125 w/ the bbr 150 kit on it? Is it worth the money? Also, did you do any other mods? How does it compare to the crf150? Thanks!

I just did the BBR kit on my TTR 125 and although it's not a big hp number difference it's a noticeable difference and more fun to ride. Im waiting for my 26 mm carb kit i will let you know how it is after i install it. The bike has a FMF pipe, air box mods and a turned down flywheel. If the weather holds out i will be racing against CRF150fs this weekend flat track and TT with the mods i should be equal in hp.

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How's the kit?

The kit is great but you really need the carb off of the xr200.  It is the same carb that bbr sells but you can find them much cheaper.  Also lighten the flywheel.  those 3 things make the biggest differences that you can just bolt on.

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