Please help me ID this supposed XR250

I'm a 'Merican living and working in Vietnam and want to buy this bike.


I can't find any pictures of XR250s with an engine that looks exactly like this.  This bike looks water cooled and I suspect it may actually be Chinese (maybe a Lifan?).


I have to fly down to Saigon to buy it so I'd rather not spend the $ to go down there if it's not what he says it is.


The guy says he doesn't know what year it is.  If it's what he says it is then it's a good deal since it has paperwork (very hard to get a dual sport with papers in Vietnam).


It's typical to get guys that have no idea what they have and never rode before coming here.


mgzx.jpgUploaded with


kpl9.jpgUploaded with


rpva.jpgUploaded with


vwlk.jpgUploaded with


b1uy.jpgUploaded with

I think I figured it out.  I think it's an "NX250" with the rear drum brake upgraded to disc.


rf83.jpgUploaded with

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