help out the new guy please!

whats up everyone?! As my username implies I am new to 2s but not new to dirt bikes! I have recenly(today) acquired a 94 WR250. Please gide me to what exactly I can/should do with it besides ride it like I stole it. Specifically I'm looking for upgrade options, possible build ups and ANY thing else that could be deemed useful. Thanks in advance!! :thumbsup:

Ugh I want one of those!

from what I understand so far the bike is basically all stock except for the recently added new wiseco piston, gasket, seals and bearings. It was in a barn basically for 10 years and the owner sold it to the person that I'm buying it from today. But I'll take a look at it and post some picsater today if not tomorrow!!

I am looking forward to seeing some pics of your new to you dirt bike. I dont know a lot about the wr's but they are a great woods bike. I know you can get pipes for them. In the link you might find more info on it...,19.0.html

Thanks that's greatly appreciated!!

I would strongly caution you to thoroughly check out the bottom end. I have a 94yz250 that sat for 10 years in a barn, just like yours... Right now the cases are split and the cylinder is off being replated due to corroded main bearings that created a bearing failure. Hind sight... If I would have pulled the jug and checked out the crank, I would have noticed that the bearings were off.

On a side note... I hear the best mod is to swap the trans. Infact I have a great 94yz trans ready to be boxed and sent to ya for your wr trans (jk).

Seriously go through the bike, check all seals and bearings.. You will be glad you did.


This was the description of what the seller had to say on it


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