RM80 2 Stroke head gasket failure?

Hello all,  My friend and i recently purchased a 2001 RM80.   Bike was great zipping around and all of the sudden smoke comes off the engine.(I was not beating it to death either.)  i pull over and observe there was coolant coming out of the head gasket.  So we assumed it was the gasket and ordered OEM Suzuki head gaskets for the bike.  We get them and they are two Orings different from the existing head gasket that came with the bike.  . so we tried both options and are very confused.  Do I need to use gasket maker with the OEM head gaskets.  Is there an aftermarket one i should look into?.  Any help is appreciated thanks Matt

Ok so i believe the top end was redone and the outside casing looks cleaner than the bottom. Leading to belive he replaced the whole top end. correct me if im wrong but the top end from the 80s are different comapred to the 90s. Thats why it had a head gasket instead of the o rings. Another reason to belive this is because I purchased a used 2001 cylinder head and the bolts dont line up with the studs. Please any input would be greatly appreciated. I just wanna ride.... Matt

I just had a quick look through some parts diagrams and it looks like the RM80s used a head gasket up to the K and L models which are early 1990 models. From the M model onwards it looks to use the 2 O rings design.

Your cylinder (or head) will have two grooves for the O rings to sit in if it is meant to use O rings.

Pics of barrel and head may help identify what you have got.

ok so i ordered these two gaskets that look like the beat up gasket that came out of the bike.  part # 11141-20931  I hope this stops coolant from coming out of the top of the head and mixing with the gas.  I also go permatex hightemp copper spray.  Any tips for using this spray?.  I will get pics of the top end and let you know the results of this new gasket.

2013-09-21 11.43.22.jpg

2013-09-21 11.43.16.jpg


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