oil leak

took off skid plate ran the bike and waited.  Looks like theres a small drip coming off one of the screws that holds the crank cases together.  Whats the fix?


thank you

First thing to do is check the bolts are tight enough,,Don't snap the things off or strip the threads,,There is no need for gorilla type strength to be used on them.,Up to resistance,,bit more ,,You are done.

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black rtv/silicon the bolt instead of loctite....


but it shouldn't leak with even tension all bolts..

if it still leaks with all the bolts tight does that mean i have to split cases to solve leak.  i hope not

Clean the area well and verify where the oil is coming from.

The gasket may be bad in that area.

Also, remove the bolt to see if oil flows freely from the hole. If it does, someone installed too long of a bolt at some time and busted out the bottom of the hole.

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