Rustoleum Never Wet

I'm curious if anyone has used the new Rustoleum Never Wet in any manner on their bikes or their gear. Seems to me it could potentially have a lot of different applications if it works. Anyone have any success or failure stories about it?

Yup im also curious about it, anyone?

I read on another forum that it works well but made white look a little dingy ? Then another guy said it word great but didn't change the white! So it looks like it works but may it may not turn white into a off white. Color

I wonder if it would work on a Go Pro lens without affecting the view. 

I wonder if it would work on a Go Pro lens without affecting the view.

its a aerosol paint... So no it would destroy your go pro... I use it on my rc cars it has kinda a white color too it when it dries. can definatly tell its there. Works as advertised tho. water just beads up and rolls off

Watch this, buyer beware!

it even says on the package that it works best on metal, wood, masonry ect... doesn't list plastic... So what could he expect? guess he didn't read the package... So lets make a video saying its crap.. some people... From the website:

NeverWet is a superhydrophobic treatment that dramatically repels water, mud, ice and other liquids.  This revolutionary new class of coatings cause water to form nearly perfect spheres which roll off the surface keeping items dry and clean.  NeverWet works best on wood, metal, concrete and masonry and dries to a milky haze.

PAM cooking spray has a similar effect :)

there are other products that do the same thing, but the key to them is how well they stick to the primary surface.


that has to be CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN to start with or the coating just wears away.


Also the stuff is NOT a rhino coating it will wear off and quit quickly, its more like rainx for your windshield if you rub it will come off


it does work but you do need to reapply after every ride is my opinion


it DOES cut down on cleaning time, but again it wears away

even the expensive version is easily rubbed off.  Abrasion resistance is not it's strong point.   Like I said, PAM cooking spray works wonders on your steed in the mud.

Don't care about the milky look, my main interest would be for use under fenders, bottom of engine, frame and suspension.  I'm glad that it does come off with relative ease, that way I can use it one wheels and other visible places. 

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