1979 xr500, kick start spindle

Acting on advice to cross-post this from vintage. Just picked up a cheap 1979 XR500r, cheap because it has a few issues - non-stock seat and rear fender, and a leaky tank, and a busted kick starter. On the kick starter,  the lever is gone and kick start shaft needs replacing. Does anyone have a service manual for a 1979? The internet can't agree on whether to split the cases on a 79. From the diagrams it looks like a circlip on the end inside the case that would have to come off. Part c in the xr500 manual here: http://davesbikes.weebly.com/manuals.html


Other issues, it's missing the compression release cable. I'd just as soon fit with a manual compression release. Any idea where I can find one that will bolt up and go? It's also missing the front brake perch and cable, guess someone wanted to dirt track it. If anyone has a spare kick start lever and spindle, front brake perch and cable, or compression release they don't want, please holler. 

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Cases gotta be split to replace shaft. Can be done by tipping engine upside down, leaving clutch/flywheel etc in place, and taking bottom case of only.

Re-time the balancers after re-assembly by slipping the front sprocket on later.

Bit awkward, but can be done.

  500 shafts hard to find, because folks cant be bothered to fix the decompressor!

250 shafts can be used but the punchmark for the decomp cam is different.

  I used a pushbike brake lever and cable as a manual decomp, as its smallish and fits out of the way

I got shaft but postage would be a killer!

Ok thanks, will try flipping it upside down. Will a later year 500 shaft work? I see some early 80s ones on ebay. 

any non-rfvc shaft will do it, 79-82. Be extremely careful to line up the dowel pins which locate the gearboxs shaft bearings.

if they aint right the box will miss/jump gears. Might also pay to have the 1st gear dogs and its oposing gear undercut 3degrees

to prevent it jumping out of 1st. You may be able to place an extra shim behind 1st to help this too.

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