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Yamaha blaster carb issues?

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ok so got the wifes blaster running,it has the oil injection kit to get rid of that mess in it,on the left hand side of the carb is a threaded hole that on a stock blaster has some kind of plug in it? I looked on my friends blaster and that's what it looked like to me.on ours it was just open,is this supposed to be an idle screw? I put an idle screw in it but theres no stop at the end of the hole so I cant put a sping on the screw so it backs out a bit and wont hold idle???

second question...it has a full FMF exhaust on it with the airbox opened up,with the stock 230 main in the carb its way to rich,i have a smaller main in it now and it runs pretty good though I think its to lean...28:1 mix and no smoke what so ever even after idling for a couple mins...I ve tried the spark plug check but with a new plug its kins hard to get a reading from it,its a tad on the grey/tan side???

I appreciate all the help I got from you guys with the spark issue and hope you can help me figure out the last of the carb issues with this rig!

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