'06 DRZ400SM jetting for AZ's altitude?

Good day, gents.  Looking for jetting suggestions for my bone-stock DRZ-400 SM for the odd altitudes I ride in AZ.  I live up in Flagstaff, and ride everywhere from here down to Camp Verde area.  So that's 7500 (up in the mountains) to 3500 (down at the river) feet in elevation.


I'm plotting to do the 3x3 mod, but I'm not sure exactly what jets to be shooting for.  I found the JD Jetting Kit over on the store, but I'm not sure if I need to specify a jet size, or if just comes with an array of jets?  I'm going to slap a K&N into it, a proper mixture screw, and possible drop an FMF Q4 on later.  


I'm somewhat of a modding virgin (helped with others' mods, but I've left mine stock so far), so feel free to point out if I'm being an idiot.  =-]


Thanks in advance.

You can't mix and match you upgrades.

You must do intake, exhaust, and jetting at the same time, or it won't work.

The JD kit comes with mod advice and jetting advice and is all you need.

Do not use a K&N filter for offroad cause it does not filter well enough. It will eventually cause a problem.

Your stock jetting on a stock bike is fine for AZ.

Even up at 7k feet, the stock jetting should be fine until I start fiddling?  That's quite surprising.  How high up do you have to go before it becomes an issue?  


Thanks for the info!


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No one will know but you.

Every bike is a little bit different.

The stock jetting on a stock bike will go to 8k no problem.

If you find you have to turn the fuel screw in less than one turn, then you need to go to a smaller pilot, and maybe drop the needle one clip.

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