billet/anodized yz125 sprocket guard/case saver.

Load's of options.....TM Design, Moose, Sunline, Hammerhead, etc...

:rolleyes: not being funny but you may need to do your homework before posting on here, out of the four company's that you mentioned above ONLY one (moose racing) advertise/sell case saver's for the yz125 on their website...............and those are for 1995-2004 model's ONLY.that's why i posted these for the 05 and up.

check it out for yourself and then get back to me.   

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Vey nice u need get some yz250 stuff made up to

thanks but it's not my stuff,just bought one for my bike and i thought i'd spread the word in case anyone else want's one  :thumbsup:

I'll help on this subject also.Topar make's quality guard's,a bit pricey, but good stuff.Thank's Mark,I may have to get the gold cover for my 125.Oh,and that would look great on your 250.FACT.

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