2008 rm250 need help

I just got a bike for a pretty good price need 1 for the farm but wen I ride it I have to drop the clutch and go or it stalls is there anyway I can get a bit more out of the clutch so I can follow the cows easier without stalling? Greatfull for any help...

Also I can start it almost first pop each day but if I turn it off it won't start again any ideas would b great please...

recluse clutch

Turn the idle speed up a bit, or rev higher before dropping the clutch.

your clutch basket is most likely notched. if your just using it as a farm beater you can use a file to grind down the peaks on the basket so the plates can move more freely. just make sure you do this out of the bike and rinse the fillings off the basket THOROUGHLY before reinstalling

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