c.d.i. box

Where is the best place to get a new cdi box?

Partzilla IMO is pretty good with OEM parts. Vortex if you want to go aftermarket. Pricey though.

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oem - cycle might have used stuff.

HPI . be , or PVL from Penton racing

might have something, reasonably priced

What bike? At one time pro circuit was selling jd ignitions cheap was $100 new for my 125

Do you absolutely need a brand new one? This is the kind of part that doesn't really wear out and can be bought cheap in good, used condition. What bike do you need one for?

I recently bought one on Ebay for $70.  That sure beats $400 for a new one.

I think I'd be looking at ebay too.  Partzilla price is about $235 for my YZ but like somebody said, they really don't wear out.  Either they work or they don't.

2001 yz 125... I'll look o ebay... thanks...

eBay got mine for $100

It so happens I'm in need of a CDI for my 1987 YZ250 2HH. 

Sorry for the partial jack.

  Cheers, 50gary

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