gas gas ec 125 cuts out in left hand turns

i have a gas gas ec 125 2001 that bogs and dies when cornering to the left, put the bike up straight and fires first kick. also if its in neutral and i push it forward it dies somtimes. its got a pwk 38mm carb that i have cleaned no end and tryed lots of different pilot jets in and ajusted the air screw. iv changed plug, checked reeds, repacked the end can, cleaned the power valves, checked if fuel comes out the tank when lent over to the left and it dose. i dont understand why its doing this i hope someone on here can help me! thanks. 

Not jetting. Either your throttle cables are wonky or (most likely) you have a kill switch/wiring harness issue

I would also check the kill switch and wiring. If it was the throttle cable it usually just opens the the throttle some.

iv wiggled the kill switch wires with the engine running and it didnt cut out. my kill switch is down the side of the air box because of it being road legal people wont think to look there to turn it on. its a flick switch not button. i will disconnect the actual switch and try. it dosent cut out when i turn the bars just when lent over.  

Sounds like a broken wire

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