Honda 250F forum

I haven't visited that forum for over a year until yesterday. While our little corner of the TT world is pretty tame with mostly what i'd label as common/minor issues with mostly older yz's and wr's , they are still having valve and crank issues all the time it seems. The crank issues are what gets me. Rarely are we having crank issues except with really high hr'd bikes. They defend the bike with how cheap the Honda parts are to replace. Also they have a lot of name calling.

for giggles, read that forum and then thank yourself for purchasing a yamaha. I did and i am.

I read it all the time because my cousins are Honda guys. I'm not sure where the crank issues stem from but they've always had them even in their all new redesigned motors.

yes chris its always fun (year after year after year) to go read all of the issues they continue to have.


let us hope that the new 4valve head is as reliable as the previous 13 years of 5 valve head proved to be.


and yes i'll be in line right behind you for the test ride on the '14.

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