TP sensor test

Can you guys run me through testing my TP sensor? Not sure if I have a problem or not. I don't really understand the manual.

What method are you using? Are you using a diagnostic light or are you measuring voltage.


The easiest way would be to follow diagrams 1 and 2. Use an ohm meter and measure the voltage of each of the wires listed. If it is out of range. Replace the sensor.

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Can you buy the diagnostic light off of Suzuki? What do you use as a power source to measure the voltage? Do you need an external power source or is voltage stored in the sensor?

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Yes you can... and I believe it is just a 9 or 12 volt battery.


You need an external power source. Or check it with the bike running.

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going to need 12 volt battery and a volt meter that will read dc volts in small increments. the small harbor freight meter works ok. Just hook up 12 volt to the plug behind number plate. then I sick small phone wires into plug and hook them up to meter. then turn throttle and record voltage reading. If it varies oddly or is off- you just loosen bolt and adjust tps to get correct closed throttle-open throttle tps voltage value. Moving the tps can effect throttle response,power and idle. If you bike is bogging,missing,or has acceleration issues-it could be tps. I just had a fuel pump go out on my rmz250 and the parts of the pump clogged injector. stuff can fail and cause intermittent issues.

Thanks guys! AC717 I have a craftsman meter should work! I bought a vortex ignition had a JD Jetting tuner bike started running lean popping and I couldn't adjust it. Tuner wasn't doing anything. Sent it back to JD and they sent me a new one but said they couldn't find anything wrong! Shipped Vortex out to Mike Tolle at MT racing for update maps and talking to him Suzuki, Kawasaki, and KTM have problems with TP sensors. Bike did not want to start with vortex and once it did you couldn't touch throttle until it was a little warm or it would die. Did not like throttle at all.

Have brand new JD Jetting tuner for 08-13 rmz 450 if anyone is interested

Could be tps. Could be fuel pump or injector. Unfortunately,all of these parts can cause the same type of thing...Bike starts but can't give throttle.....I ended up taking my efi controller off also and just simplifying and troubleshooting. My pump tested OK on the bench but acted up on the bike. The injector had black parts in it. I am positive it was from fuel pump. So..I would checkTPS and I would clean the I ejector. Cleaning injector is easy. Lots of videos on youtube on how to do it. itss good maintenance plus the injectors are least for the rmz250.pretty sure 450 uses same injector. i know fuel pumps are same

AC717 I only have 13 hours on bike ran good at first last time I rode it then when it got hot started running lean.

I'm thinking the heat effected the electronics. That's my guess won't know till I do some testing!

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