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2013 Big Sky XC Industry Class Awesomeness, Follow the Purveyor of Awesome

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It's never too late to enjoy awesomeness, and that's just what this video is. I was offered the chance, while enjoying a few adult beverages with the Big Sky XC crew, to throw a leg over a completely unknown bike and line up in the Industry class. After a few more rounds of convincing, I decided this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up and committed to waking up early, gearing up and going racing.

It was very difficult to trim this video down to be manageable for most viewers. Having over forty minutes of epic riding footage and the knowledge that I had to edit it down weighed heavy on me. Luckily after a Seat Time episode I was feeling frisky and got 'er done. I hope you enjoy my adventure on the slope of Big Sky. Fingers crossed I will be able to qualify for a chance to race in the 2014 event. If not, I'll be a heck of a cheerleader and take on the Industry class. I just need to get a bike lined up before the night before the race.

Thanx to the Big Sky XC Promoters, Vurboffroad, FLY Racing and Alliance Offroad for all their support and help to make my adventure in Montana an extremely memorable one.
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