Stalling problem

Hi guys few months ago i hade a stalling problem and found out that the electronic in the back fender was dirty, water,dirt, all kind of shit so clean that up very well and running good but last week the same problem started back and when he stall just put the switch off and back on and he start right back up??? Im riding and bang he stalls on me! Anybody have any tip... Ive tryed new coil, new spark, new switch on/off, clean all the electronic, clean injector, new gaz cap and hose, new ecm!!! Dont know what to try and WANNA ride like hell

When it stalls does it fire back up or do you have to wait? 


Back when I had my '08 RMZ-450 one of the wires fell off of the fuel pump, so that's a possibility worth checking.  You just need to pull the pump and re-crimp the wire terminals.

Ok ill try that thanks

When he stalls he doesn't start back up i need to put the switch off and let the system shut down and put back on and he start right back up

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