Hill Climbing

Hey all,


So I have blazed a couple hill climbs into my woods trial, and I was wondering...what is the proper technique for climbing the hills? Should I sit farther forward for better maneuverability, or more towards the rear for more traction? Standing or sitting?


The hills are really steep, but don't have many obstacles (roots, rocks etc)


As of now I sit down while going up and sit right in the middle of the seat. I find that my main issue is grip, but I have the sensation that if I sit too far back I might flip it.


What do you guys do?


What about hills with many rocks? This is a video of me in WV going up a hill climb. I simply got bucked to the wrong side and didn't have enough traction to make it all the way up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHSctw1Fnd4



If there aren't many turns or obstacles to avoid you want to lean far enough back to let the front tire skip across the ground. Not a wheelie, but you want almost no weight on the front. This will put as much weight and traction as possible to the rear.

There is no real bullet proof way to climb because all hills are different but my best advice would be to just practice. Try climbing it sitting, standing, ect and eventually you'll be able to judge most climbs without thought.

The best thing to do is learn how to move around. Getting off the seat and standing can make a big difference in some situations too.

+1 on standing. It's so much easier to maneuver the bike under you, and its a lot easier to transfer weight. BTW, you're pretty good at climbing already :D

Stare at the top..hit the gas..hang on. :thumbsup:

Some hills you have to sit, but if you possibly can standing really helps. Also stay centered on the bike, and try to keep momentum.

a lot is balance, and keep your feet on the pegs. many times I seen pros teach, and just observation, they never take their feet off, and if they do its to regain balance, and then their feet are back on the pegs. 

Most important thing is to stay loose and let the bike move. If you try to hard to force it to your will as you ascend things will not go well. The looser you ride the less energy you'll use as well, leaving strength for other obstacles.

The biggest mistake we make is trying to hold on to tight which makes you and the bike off balance ending in you having to put a foot down or worse. Take a good look at some of the pro-enduro events and you'll see example of what I mean. You'll see many riders make big climbs seem effortless and others with poor technic exhaust themselves, struggling with every rut and bump.

Some stand, some sit but all pro's ride loose.

For the most common climbs, Steep, steep, steep with some rocks and roots keep your feet on the pegs.  Also I usually find my self with my butt only about 2 or 3 inches off the seat but wayyy up on the tank. (on the Steepest of steep.)



Oh and one more thing Keep it WFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







"Yah Dirtbikings Sweet"

To me it seems like ure line selection. U bounced to the left side which has all those rocks and slowy loose momentum. Trial and error bro. Try to be more selective where u want to go. I know somtimes obsticles are in the way and its safter to hit some rather than trying to avoid it. Gear selection aswell. On my yz250 im usually in 2nd high in the rpm so u dont loose speed as easy. Seems like u have traction. Just be more aggresive on where u want to go and theres always an easier line to choose at times. Drop it to 1st if u bog down. Dont use clutch just blip off the throttle for a split second so theres no load on tranny.

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