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Idaho Idaho Restricted Plate Qs?

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I'm new Idaho, and new to dirt bikes in general, so bare with me. I have a regular county road behind my house that leads to wonderful maze of forest service roads and trails, so I would like to fulfill the conditions of the restrict liscense plate as cheaply as possible to avoid unnecessary tickets on the 10 miles of county road before I reach the forest service roads. 



The bike (my first!) a 2002 Yamaha yz250f


The conditions for the plate:

head light visable from 200 ft

brake light

horn and mirror


I don't care how functional the head light, I only ride durring the day. I have been looking and failing to find something battery powered that I could attach just to meet the minimum requirements in <50$ range

Same goes for brake light. I don't see the horn or mirror being much of an issue. Also any info on the plating process, ie do they do an inspection? would be appreciated as well.

I've lurked and googled the crap out of this so if am duplicating some obscure post all appoligies in advance, as previously stated I am a newb of the lowest order.


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All you have to do to get the restricted plate is pay for it and I believe that the only real requirement that they will check is that you have basic insurance.  


If you plate your bike with the regular (Red/White/Blue) plate ... the onus will be on you to make sure the bike complies with all DOT hardware requirements.....Headlight, Taillight, brakelight, horn. mirror, dot tires .... and of course again insurance.

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^^^ +1

$3 for a five year plate and $12 for a yearly off road sticker. You will be legal anywhere but state and national highways.

Depending what part of ID you are in, I doubt they will even look twice as you ride by, as long as you are obeying traffic laws and using hand signals.

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