Anybody want to ride SunTop?


Its just outside Enumclaw, not for beginers! Not very long.  It may be overgrown, I don't know.  I have not ridden it for years.   Its slow going but not overcrowded.  I could ride it about anyday.  Anyone want a challenge?  I would not ride it alone.

I didn't think motorized vehicles were allowed on Sun Top.

Oh yes, its open.   Look at the USFS website here.   its one of those trails that is open, that very few ever use.  I think there is a small part to the lookout that is not open but the rest of it is.  Its not too long, but its possible to spend a few hours on it, and its close to town.   I wouldn't take a KLR650 on it.   I have a trials bike, but will just take my KTM200 on it.    The trail is lots of fun.  Lets ride.

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I would so be down. Never heard of sun top! Ill look up the location.

Blew out my front tire at the Beverly dunes last weekend. New one was supposed to be here Friday. Didn't arrive.

I guess I'll have to keep an eye on this thumper talk app. For local riding action.

Hope you find someone to go with you.

few tough spots for noobs, mt bikers will tell you your not supposed to be there, weird hateful looks.  Wouldn't tow my bike there for it, but could be added to a dualsport ride!

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I ended up riding this WITH a mountain biker.  That way my dual sport could act as a shuttle for his car. Nice ride!

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pics or it didn't happen

Used to run it on my Mountain bike!!!! It was a hoot!!!

Hey there, new to moto but have ridden Sun Top a ton of times on my mt bike.  Can you ride the trail down on a moto?  That would be amazing.  Are there any other trails in that area that motorized vehicles can access?

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