426 seat , exhaust , 450 cam results

Seat recap: I had Guts soft standard, then medium standard, now medium tall. It took 3 tries, but now I have a winner.

The seat is softer than stock, and much flatter also.

I also just installed my CRD Absolute Power 2 pipe. The CRD is queter than stock unplugged and runs the same. It is louder than stock w/GYTR insert, but runs much better, and jetting is cleaner at low RPM. Sounds about the same as a KTM 450. Unfortunately the importer for CRD (Ligne racing) quit selling them.

4th and 5th gear wheelies are very easy after installing 450 cam. Starting is a no brainer. Next task is revalve the suspension. I weigh 155 and it has way too much high speed compression dampening. wr426_seat.JPG

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