Test Results Released For E-15 Fuel Impact On Snowmobiles

Ed Klim, International Snowmobile Manufacturer's Assn.

HASLETT, MI (September 20, 2013) -- The US Department Of Energy (DOE) recently released a study, conducted by Michigan Technological University, which was designed to evaluate the effects of E-15 fuel on current and legacy snowmobile engines and vehicles. Three test scenarios were conducted to evaluate the impact of E-15 including cold-start performance and emissions; snowmobile drivability; and laboratory exhaust emissions over the useful life of the engine. Eight engines were tested over a two year period.

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But what can you do? I'm pretty sure even the premo 93 octane around here is E15 or at least E10



They serve up E15 just like regular gas in SoCal. They don't have to label it as such. Race gas is an option, though pricey. Boats have issues with alcohol in fuel as well. It draws moisture from the atmosphere and phase seperates in storage. Miss the good old days!