Is my boy ready to move up from a PW50?

My almost 4 yr old son has been on a PW50 for only a couple months. Although when people see him ride, they are amazed how good he is. His balance is great, he can use the break when needed, and he can even hit jumps wide open without falling. Should I move him up to a stock 50 yet?

I went through the same kind of thing when my kids were starting to ride, but they were relatively timid so I kept them on a smaller bike to avoid them getting too discouraged.  Throttle control was the biggest challenge for my kids.


It's tough to say in your case.  I can't offer a right answer, just some things to consider.  The Honda XR/CRF50 is about 2 inches taller but 25 pounds heavier.  How big is your boy?  It sounds like capability won't be an issue.


I know that this might be hard to do (given how kids can jump to conclusions) but I would see how he fits on one at the local dealership.  It would be a judgment call on how well he could handle the extra weight.  If you plan on moving him up to a 50 eventually (as opposed to skipping the 50 and going to a 70), pick a used one up if you can find a good deal and hold onto the PW.  Then, if the CRF is too much, he can go back down to the PW.  I can't speak to the power difference between the two bikes, though, so maybe size is the only issue you need to consider.  Anyway, some kids like a challenge while others don't like to be too challenged while they're trying to figure out how to ride.  At 4 years old, your boy will improve quickly if he rides farily frequently no matter what he rides. 


I think the four stroke motor might be more of an issue when it comes to kick starting.  Generally, kids young enough to fit the bike aren't quite heavy enough to kick it over and get it started reliably.  That's based on my observation with my kids.  Kids that are more motivated and bigger may not have this issue.

I can relate.  It took my four year old a while to get enough rear end to kick over his JR50.  Now that he is on the XR50 at 6, he still has to work on getting it kicked over sometimes.  Especially when cold.  


We raced against PW50s at the beginning of the year.  The Honda had more than the PWs because it has a few more gears and two more horsepower.  but, as with any fourstroke, that extra power is pretty easy to control at the throttle.  Afterall, it is just a trail bike for little guys and gals.


You can get a used CRF or XR 50 for around $500 in good condition.  If you wait until the end of the year there will be more for sale.  I like Pumpkinheads idea of keeping the PW until you know for sure he can handle and is comfortable on the CRF/XR.  My middle son didn;t move up to the XR50 until he was around 5 1/2.  He is about average for his age, maybe on the small side.

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