Need help

My buddy and i bought a crappy 03 kx 125 for 500 bucks so many little.things wrong with it and we are.finally almost done till we realized the @$$hole put the wrong cylinder and cap on so our 300 dollar exhaust dont fit... Does anyone have a used cylinder willing to sell?

Couldn't you return the exhaust and get one that fits? I feel like that would be more cost effective than buying a new cylinder, and a lot less risky than buying a used one.

The cylinder is off a 98 model so the flange is different the 03 mounts on the frame are compketely different so its either.get a new cylinder or use old exhaust and fabricate brackets that might not look the best and also wonder how this thing runs with the 98 there differneces internally? I mean the bike starts and runs great just really hard to get the bike moving in first like you have to goose it while slowly letting clutch out or is that a 2 stroke thing?

The brackets on it currently should be adjustable so theoretically it should fit. And that's not a 2 stroke thing. Sounds like something's wrong

For an 03 what year cylinders will fit? Been.searching far no good

Bump any suggestions on getting an 03 cylinder I'm not having any luck finding one....someone got a spare needs.replating or anything?

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