2008 CRF250X Tail light wiring

Is anyone able to post a wiring diagram for the tail light?  I don't know why, but the previous owner seems to have run his own wiring from the tail light to the wiring harness near the battery.  It's an ugly job they've done too.  Currently there's 1 stray wire laying about in there, and I've discovered that if I plug it into the one hole in the harness that has no wire in it, my tail light works.  It stays on forever though.  It does not shut off when the bike is off.  Any help would be appreciated in knowing why someone might have done this, and how I can fix it.

fyi, wire to the taillight is always hot 12v+ dc, even if the bike is not running.  Makes for blown fuse when working on the bike without disconnecting the battery.

The light turns on when the bike runs by a switch 12 neg through a relay.  Suspect maybe the original owner either didn't know the wiring or was trying to hook up a brake light switch or something?  good luck

I bought a new ICM and swapped it last night, this was the problem.  Now my tail light works as expected.  Thanks guys!

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