Just bought a NEW 2010 KX450F....yep...new

Sup guys!? Well I came across a deal that I just couldn't pass up......a virtually show room floor condition 2010 KX450F. The guy bought it in Kuwait when he lived there as a civilian contractor and soon found out the gravely sand is terrible for bikes......he rode it for one hour performing the recommended break in for it and shelved it.....shipped it back here to Texas where it sat for a year and a half.

He sold it to me for $3,800 in absolutely show room condition (except the front sprocket cover broke in shipment)

Now I've ridden dirtbikes for a while and owned my first fuel injected beast in the form of a 2007 Raptor 700R (sold that)

Anyways my point is.....how do you tune these new fuel injected dirt bikes? For the Raptor I bought a Power Commander 3 controller and used the software they have to remap it......but I heard on the youtube promo video for this thing that Kawi makes a tool you can use to change the power curve? Make it more or less mellow and stuff? What would that be?

Also, being that it sat for a while I'm going to change the oil (gas was already drained).....it starts right up and seems to idle smooth but would some injectore cleaner be wise?

Also are there any known issues on this thing? And is the stock suspension alright for novice motocross and trail riding for a 162 lb dude? 

Thanks a lot guys! Here she is

photo 2.JPG

photo 1.JPG






Twist the grip on the right side and hang on! Great find. 

Thanks ya I'm stoked...been raining every day I've owned it....I'm dying to get on her and see what she's got!

Funny.  I just bought a similar 2011 KX450f for 4k and it probably has less than 4 hours on it.


Cant wait to get mine to track and try it out!  Always had 250's.  

Congrats on your bike! It is an awesome year for motor/mapping from what I've heard. Brrrraaaap!

Congrats on the bike! i believe i too saw this bike for sale lol, my wife is from houston and i remember reading an ad on craigslist for a '10 450 from a guy in kuwait lol. Im active duty military and im stationed at fort polk in louisiana so we go to houston quite often. and we travel since there arent a lot of places to ride where i am, (fort polk has a track on it, but its like a pit bike track lol)


I looked and didnt see the ad a few days later and well i found a 2011 kx450f just recently for around the same price and jumped on it. and i love it!


Ive always had 250s and figured id move up finally. had DRZ125 as my first bike years ago, then moved to a KX100, then a 2005 KX250f, and a 2001 RM250 2-smoke, love that RM though, im a bike thumper fan, but nothing beats the nostalgia of an old 2-stroke. especially when it has wiseco piston, boysen RAD valve, FMF Fatty with a shorty 2. that beast will haul.


but back to the question you asked. yes kawi makes a special fuel mapping tool for all their fuel injected bikes, i dont know for sure if the 2010 will work with a newer mapping device without an adapter or not. i know the 2009 has an adapter for newer adjusters.


The tool is kinda pricey, i just ordered it for my 2011 and it was around 500 for it. that was also from the shop, not ebay, im sure i could have gotten it cheaper if i wanted but hey i like new.


yoshimura also makes some tuning tools and devices for the kawis that should work just as good or better, it all comes down to what your willing to spend. i did a search and a few different companies make tuners. from what i have read though the 2010 has the hit everyone wants, the 2011 has the same power, (a .8 HP increase too), the big difference is they smoothed out the power band so it doesnt rip your arms off.


Hope this helps you out in anyway possible. again congrats on the bike. :thumbsup:

The tool will work on the 09, 10, 12, 13 with the updatd software 11 takes another adapter but can be purchsed seperately. the 12 has the monster motor, 11 and 13 are about the same

The tool will work on the 09, 10, 12, 13 with the updatd software 11 takes another adapter but can be purchsed seperately. the 12 has the monster motor, 11 and 13 are about the same

I believe the 10 was known for the motor.

Congrats on your new bike! It is in great condition and you got it for a steel! I paid 3600 for mine about a year and a half ago and have loved it ever since!

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