Fork revalve before shock.

Any one see a problem with having my forks revalved for weight and riding style since they already have them too change the shock oil and then sending my shock out over the winter when funds permit. Done racing for the year so it would only be rippin around a little until the shock goes out. By the way factory connection is doin the work if that matters other wise ill just have them service the forks. Just didn't want too send them back in a month with fresh seales and oil for a revalve in a month

I'd do everything at once, shipping is a pain, just wait until the new year before the season starts. You got plenty of time! :)

The only thing is I have too do my forks done know I stripped the compression clicker. But I don't want too send them back for a revalve in a month with fresh oil in them. And don't have the money too do the shock now. So if I get the forks done know there done.

I did my forks first (6 months ago) and I'm just now getting around to doing the shock. I think it is smart to do it all at once if you can afford to do so, and be without the bike. If doing them independently is the only way you can do it, I don't see a problem with it.  Maybe someone else with more experience will chime in.

The bike realy won't even be riddin more than one or two times before I get the shock done. I have too send the forks in because I stripped the clicker. And they won't just replace the shock cap with out servicing the forks so i don't want too send the fork and shock back again to be revAlved if I can just have the forks revalved now and just send the shock later. And yes that's why I have too wait for the shock is money. If I didn't want too get the clicker fixed i would just wait and do every thing. I just didn't know if revaling fork And shock at different times was a big no no. Even though in reality the bike will only get riddin once or twice before the shock gets done. I would think this wouldn't be a problem but some times you over look things.

Its just more money and more time the components are sitting around before you use them again. I'd just wait till after winter when you have the money.

Ok thanks.

If you wanna do the forks, do the forks.....

Have them do the forks if you are sending them anyways. You will just eat the cost of shipping the shock. No sense in sending them twice, that is just dumb. You're gonna have to ship twice anyways so there will be no difference.

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