KLX250s mod help new here

OK i just bought a 2009 klx250s with 2 k miles, senoir owned, never off street, completely stock and in showroom condition for 2600. I bought the bike because i live 2 miles down a dirt road and hate spending 2 hours cleaning the chrome on my VTX1800S every time i take it out,lol.

Anyway, I am going to do the ktx200 snorkle mod, exhaust mod and a carb jet and had a question, how would the anti backfire screen mod add horsepower? I've read about it a couple times but don't see how that would help, any help would be appreciated. I love this little bike, its a blast to ride


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Seen the backfire screen thing discussed many times, particularly some articles in Dirt Bike magazine this year.  Dirt Bike says it doesn't add horsepower (good, reliable dyno tests), but improves throttle response which can't be measured on a dyno.


Enjoy your new ride!  I picked up my '06 a few years ago from an 80-year young fellow.  It was SO clean then.  My screen is still in place. 

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If you take the airbox screen out remove it from the box to do it, the frame comes out. Don't be a hack and try to do it in place, a million little brass wires go everywhere.   Noticed a little more jump right off idle, that all.    Had filters show singed foam with no screen and put them back in, but never on the klx. (cam has no cam overlap) Mention it because it's a somewhat permanent mod on the klx,

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