Do you need to re-jet, when adding a 10oz ffw?

Do you need to re-jet, when adding a 10oz ffw?



Just re-jetted my RM250 a couple months back w/ JD kit---- seems spot on.


Norcal/ Central Valley

05 RM250

PC pipe and 304

New oem top end

V-3 reeds

927 @ 32-1 and 100 "Trick" pump gas------ zero spooge



** Just added a Stealthy 10oz ffw today, just wondering if I  need to re-jet it????

-- seems to have a slight bog as I started it and putted around the court.

-- haven't started in 3 weeks or rode in 2 months (damm too much work)



I personally didn't have too but I'm running mine in the woods. Any time you make engine changes its a good idea to "read the plug" if your jetting was spot on before and it feels like its bogging you may have to jet it, but I'd recommend a nice ridding session as the FWW will make the bike feel quite a bit different. Good luck and let us know

No you do not or should not have to if your bike really is jetted correctly.  However, the FWW will have you spending more time in areas of the powerband that you normally do not stay in very long, and that can expose a jetting issue.  If you are having bogging issues, then it was always there you just never really noticed it before.

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