Rock stuck behind clutch arm

I had a weird one happen today. I have been ridding off road for 40 years and have never seen this happen before. We were out on a dual sport ride exploring some woods south of Pittsburgh, Pa and I coasted down a bumpy, rocky, slag hill. When I got to the bottom, I realized that I was on the edge of a rails to trails bike path and tried to turn around. When I let out the clutch, nothing happened and the lever just sat there half way out. The bike would barely move. Apparently, I picked up a rock and the chain deposited it between the the clutch arm on top of the engine and the counter shaft sprocket cover, stopping the clutch from engaging. So now, I am stuck on the edge of a bike trail, with people pedaling past and giving me the stink eye for being next to their sacred bike path with a dirt bike.......... It took me few minutes to figure out what the problem was and few more minutes to dig the rock out. What are the chances of picking up the perfect size rock and having it lodge itself in that tiny space? I have been meaning to remove the counter shaft sprocket cover, because it usually packs up with mud. I guess I found another reason to take those covers off as soon as you get a new bike. :lol:

Had it happen often, can do it on either  side of arm, although beside a biketrail would be a DOH! moment.

What are the chances??? I think you should go buy a lotto ticket!!! :D

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