Kx250f valve replacement ?

Yesterday I got a 2010 kx250f an need to replace the valves. I ordered a valve kit including, both intake an exhaust valves an springs, seals an gaskets. I'm looking on some information on if I needs anything else, how to replace the valves. If there is anyone or shop in va that does good work. Thanks guys for any help.

Very cool.  That 2010 is a great bike.  You have some options, of course, but first thing I would do is e-mail Dave at MX time (mxtime.com) and see if he'll cut the seats and put your valves in for you.  I guess he will.  That way he can check your valve guides and make sure they are within spec.  Your head will come back like new.  His price for cutting your seats is $75 plus $15 shipping.  How much for the valve install? No idea, but I doubt it would be expensive.  The key is, if he does it, it will be right***.


The other option is to just swap out the valves without cutting the seats.  A valve spring compressor is worth the investment for this job.  Tusk makes a good one for like $40 if I remember correctly.  That's what I use.  Because the seats are the way your expensive new valves cool themselves, I am highly recommending having them cut.  I have a $500 tool set to do this myself.  You don't need to invest that kind of money.  Around $100 is worth it to have done.


That would be my two cents on the subject.



*** and that is not meant to imply that if you do it, it won't be right! just that he has a good rep.  The one thing that's hard to do without equipment is cutting the seats.  He does that.  I do, too, but he would be cheaper.

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