Looking for riding buddy's in Illinois Southern Wisconsin


A friend got me into biking last year!

Then this year he goes to collage in another state so I don't have a riding buddy in the area! I ride a 2006 yz250f

If any one wants to meet at a track that would be awesome!

Sure where are you at ?

I'm in the Libertyville area. Ride a '12 KX250F. I'm also looking for some guys to ride with. Let me know.

I am in the lake geneva area

If any of you wanted to meet at Bryan this Sunday that would be fun!

Oh sorry man I didn't see your post until just now otherwise I would've been at Byron for sure. I grew up just south of Lake Geneva, on the illinois side. Pm your number

It's ok.

I am thinking this Sunday if the weather is good.

Only so many riding days left... :/

I'm up in Milwaukee but would be Willing to drive a good distance.

Sunday looks to be a great riding day!

So let's meet at Bryan unless any one has a better place to go to?

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