Honda Guy Looking To Defect

Well, not really since I ride a DRZ400. My 10 year old son has been riding since age 7 and has worked his way through an old school Honda XR75 and has now outgrown his CRF100F. The obvious progression now would be to a CRF150F but his riding skills are probably beyond it's "gentle" suspension and throttle. We considered a CRF150R but we don't want a red sticker bike. He is 5 foot and 90 pounds and currently jumps and wheelies as best he can with the 100F.


What does Suzuki have that we should look at? Our target would be 5 year old +/- used bike in the $1500 range.



DRZ125... Read that the crf100 is snappier... But the drz has more mid to high.. I would have to say goto the crf150 till he is ready for a rmz250.

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Thanks, that seems to be where we are heading.

As much as the DR-Z125 is a great bike, it's not what your kid is gonna benefit from most. A RM/KX85 or a KX100 is going to suit his riding better.

Maybe go with a heavy flywheel weight initially till he gets used to the bike's lack of bottom end, well pretty much anything. All a 80/85 really does in the low range is idle.

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Sounded like he was strictly looking at 4 strokes... I could be wrong though..

If you're willing to go 2-stroke, maybe a Yamaha yz125? Great bikes! Awesome for jumping and wheelies and will do hills well with a smaller rider like your son. The only problem might be the seat height.

+1 on a kx100. As far 2 stroke minis go, it's probably the most user friendly yet will be more than enough bike for him until he's ready for a fullsize bike. 

Sounded like he was strictly looking at 4 strokes... I could be wrong though..

It did sort of sound that way, but from the sound of it, one of the miniMXers is probably what his kid will benefit from the most.

Yes a 4 stroke and year round off road registration are important to us. Much of the riding we do is in the National Forest and around here that stuff is enforced.


I am hearing the advice to go toward a more MX bike, just not sure if that is what we will do for right now. He seems to be going through each stage of bikes in a year or less. When he is ready for a 250 we will work harder at solving this. That could be next summer the way he is going.



Well, you can drastically improve the DR-Z125 suspension with a donor KX100. The front end drops right in and the rear requires a little machining as well as fabricating a bracket and pedal for the rear brake master. I highly recommend buying/fabricating a frame cradle. However, if you truely think he's going to outgrow that in a year, I wouldn't do it, except if you have another up and comer in the family because the DR-Z/KX is definitely a keeper. Maybe use it to get mom on the trails with you?

I digress, I don't know anything about green/red sticker, not to be rude, but I don't care to either.

Good luck.

Good info thanks.


There are a lot of things about California that I wish I did not know either. If I had not grown up here and if I did not LOVE the foothills/mountain area that we live in currently, relocating would be on my list.


Luckily, much of the rural areas like here are nothing like the politics and reputation of the state as a whole. Too bad we are in the minority.


Thanks again all for the responses and advice.

Sounds like you should read the story of West Virginia. All you gotta do to make it happen is convince the rest of the state to defect, then ask the President to make your territory a separate state.

CRF250X and lower the suspension. Maybe a throttle stop ?? A year from now put it all back to normal and you've saved you self an awkward step. 

Or a CRF230 with the same mods but the 250X is the better bike in the long run .


Woops I guess that blows the $1500 budget  :ride:

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Since I started this thread I learned a lot more about red stickers. I was seeing the boogy man somewhat needlessly. Turns out there are a lot of areas that allow red stickers all year and when I checked the whole list including areas that have closed dates, I found that I could have ridden a red sticker bike everywhere that I have ridden in the past few years. So................


What he wants right now is a CRF150RB.


I'll keep my DRZ400S forever but I would like to add the CRF250X to our stable. He can step up when ready.


Thanks again all.

If I were in your shoes, I would spend the extra time and money for a CRF250L. I get a lot more use out of our dual sports than our dirt-only bikes. In fact, if I lived where you do, I'd probably put 25K miles a year on my bikes instead of my car. Best year to date has been a measly 12K miles on the bike.

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