'08 crf250r valve clearance ridiculous

I've never posted on here before but I have answered a few Yamaha related questions. My buddy picks up this 2008 crf250r from John Burr Cycles I believe it's down in Fontana California, we live in Ridgecrest, Ca. He's never owned a bike but he was wanting to get into it, sort of a spurt of the moment deal. He calls me one day a few days back complaining that he can't get his bike to start and wants me to take a look at it. I go over to his house try to kick it over and over again it won't start, I eventually roll start it with some college track style running and some clutch action after that it kick starts fine. We ride a bit the next day his bikes being a turd doesn't want to run or start. To me it seems like valves need to be shimmed this happened to me on my first 4 stroke, solved my problem. We measure the valves the intake measures .034!!! The book calls for .005 +/- .001. The exhaust measures .013 the book calls for .011 +/-.001. The exhaust seems reasonable but the intake WTF!?!?! We have not yet measured the current shims due to a cam chain tensioner bolt being stripped beyond belief. Can some one offer some advice or a fix? Thanks.

I'm guessing the previous owner shimmed the valves until they zeroed out, then reassembled it with no shims and traded it in to the dealer.


The advice & fix is to take it apart and rebuild everything.

Reshim as a temp fix but new valve should be his next purchase. J&J on ridgecrest blvd will be his best bet..pricing and service is awesome!

Ok thanks guys

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