Do leatt braces go bad after certain amount of time?

I've always wondered this and never really got an answer. Helmets should be replaced every 5 years weather they've been crashed in or not. Do leatt braces have a similar life span or can they be used as long as there is no damage? I would guess the carbon fiber one would but just a regular club brace? Thanks


Sweet thank you

Like all safety gear they should be inspected cracks, flaws and what not before every ride.  Just riding around in the gear bag will do a lot more damage than one would think.  

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Not that I'm aware of, after wrecks check for cracks maybe. The only part I could possibly see wearing is the carbon fiber part that holds the back on, but I'd doubt it.

I would check both of the side hinges on the brace. I've found multiple stress fractures there

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