07crf450 rear wheel

This has been covered before but I need a refresher. I have asked for opinion on getting more clearance between the rear tire and chain. THe most common reply is to move the rim slightly over which makes perfect sense. Because right now the rim has a space of 2 1/4 inches between that and the Swingarm on the drive side. And 2 1/2 space on the other. So by moving the rim over will center the tire. I'm just confused as to why the service manual has an offset making the rim closer on the chain side??

Thanks in advance

Sorry I don't have an answer, but this is the first I've heard of spacers to move the rear wheel over.  I'm assuming they are aftermarket spacers for this application.


I'm going to follow this thread.  Hopefully someone will chime in with some info. 

Of course moving the wheel over will effectively mis-align the two sprockets.  It might be slight enough that it would be negligable, but mis-aligned non the less.


But I think the problem may be the rear sprocket where it fits in the rear chain guide.  It's a pretty close tolerance.

no he is saying to true the wheel center vs offset like the manual is stating.  I have always trued the wheels on the crf center without issue.  some aftermarket mufflers you will have to shim with a 1/4-1/2" spacer, but there is room by the side panel.  the muffler is more than likely why the factory spec'd

Ok, help my out, I think I'm misunderstanding something.


Do you mean to move the wheel over left or right longitudially with spacers, or use the adjuster bolts to move one side of the axle ahead of the other to axially tilt the wheel?  (hope this makes sense)  

I was talking about adjusting the spokes to move the rim over on the hub to give more room between the tire and chain. But I did some measuring and the brake caliper is too close to move the rim over. Since the spokes will change their angle on the right side. I don't want to hurt anything. So I'm just going to leave it the way warp 9 set it up which is the same as the honda spec. Can't go wrong wrong. Anyone know of a good intermediate rear tire that doesn't have such aggressive side lugs. Thanks guys

Youre trying to cure something that you think is an issue, thats not really an issue. Moving the wheel over far enough to where the chain wont hit the tire or the splash guard will throw the chassis alignment out and it'll handle funny. It'll be loose going left and crazy tight going right.

Yeah Ive decided to leave it at the manufactures spec.  Id rather have it handle good and replace the tire more often then have it handle shitty.  Im just going to keep the chain within spec all the time for starters.  Thanks for the input.

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