I'm looking to get into dirt bikes! I've been riding street bikes for two year and have quite a bit of experience cannon riding. I had a ZX 636 now I have an 09 er6n and I love it! I recently did a dirt bike clinic on a WR450 and had the time of my life trail riding. I thought the 450 was a bit much do I'm looking for a 250 4 stroke. I want it to be street able though so I was thinking of getting the klx250sf and buying a set of rims with dirt tires for trail riding. I'm about 200lbs with gear. Any suggestions open to other makes Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki whatever

Ah welcome to the dirty side my brother. I too used to ride street. A lot of street. To much street.....way to much street. So I was told to go to the track or buy a dirt bike. Bought the dirt bike. Street bike gathering dust....sold the street bike. First off get a dirt bike with dirt bike clearance and dirt bike suspension. You'll spend way more time in the woods and on trails then you will on the street. A 450 is not to big for anything and coming from the street and knowing what real pull is, a 250 may just disapoint you in the power end of the bike. KTM makes a fine 450/500 that's not a pig as far as weight and although they carry a higher price tag, it is a fine machine and it comes with a plate.

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