Baja Designs dual sport kit no spark

Hello i've checked the sticky posts and done a search and was not able to find any info pertaining to my problem.  I have a 2011 wr 450 with a Baja designs dual sport kit.  After installing my DS kit everything worked great for about 6 months then all of the sudden my bike cranks but wont fire.  While troubleshooting i find the fuse on the baja designs harness is blown.  I replace it and the bike still wont start.  I pulled the plug and no spark.  I completely scowered the wiring system and have found no damage of any sort that may be causing a short.  I removed the BD DS rectifier and pluged in the stock unit and when I crank the bike no spark but as soon as i let off the starter switch i get one good hot spark from the plug.  I pluged in the BD rectifier back in and dont get anything at all.  What does this mean?  At this point i just feel like striping out all of the BD DS parts and returning my bike to stock!  Can I run the stock parts and rectifier with the modified stator?  Or do i need to replace the stator with a new untampered oem unit?  PLEASE HELP! :banghead:   

I would recommend calling Diego at BD. Not open on weekend's though but they are usually very helpful.

Check the kill switch. Also, the power switch on the right bar must be on, so confirm (with a meter) it is powering the switched leg on the BD harness.

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