CR125 99 Brake issue

I'll start with two admissions.

1. I bought a broken bike I should really have steered away from because I was in a hurry to get one.

2. Having torn the engine down and found out there was more work required than the previous owner advised, as soon as I got the engine back having spent what I paid for the bike and a half again on it, I put it back in and took the bike out and rode it rather than assuming the rest of the bike would be in a similar condition and I should thoroughly check it.


Consequently the rear wheel bearings on the brake side disintegrated and destroyed the rear brake that I had just replaced the pads, pin and plates on.  In my subsequent quest I have paid for and been sent a caliper and bracket kit from a 96 which I was told would fit my 99 but doesn't.  As far as I can see it only doesn't fit because the 99 rotors are bigger which leads me to two possibilities:


1. send the incorrect part back, get a refund and continue the search  - which has so far been difficult to a failure to find something

2. wondering if I could just put a 95 rotor on the wheel - is the rotor bolt configuration universal for Hondas or even just the same for those years?

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