Showa Fork Rebuild Kit Contents?

I did a quick search, but nothing really came up.


Anyway, I just picked up some 2008 CRF450X forks for my XRL and plan to rebuild them with OEM parts as I have read conflicting reports on the quality of the Pivot Works kit.


Is there anything other than seals, wipers, and the inner and outer bushing that I need to buy? I'm sure a few O rings too. 


Just want to order everything at once. 


Anywhere I can get a cheap seal driver??

I have 08 250x. my cousin just rebuilt my forks with pivot works rebuild kit and he works on a lot of bikes out in AZ. he uses them and it has worked great for me!! Been riding around hard, bouncing a lot of whoops, still no problems, no leaks!! Bought both fork and shock kit from this place cheapest place I found, but you pay for shipping and it still cheapest, around $125 for both kits and shipping, ordered on late Thursday night and it came early Monday morning

  So just saying pivot works has worked for me if that helps the stress of which one to buy, hope it helps!!!

I'll try them out!



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