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How's this for an unlucky inconvenience? Don't like CV carbs anymore..

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Last weekend I started my DR350, wasn't the usual one or two kicks though - took a few. It started though. I let it warm up while I got kitted up then set off for a ride. As soon as I turned right off the driveway it died. I tried numerous times to start it and got it to tick over once more but as soon as I touched the throttle it died. Tried kicking it many more times before I got too hot in my gear so I walked it back home. Had a quick brew then a couple more goes at starting it - it had no compression all of a sudden, I could crank it gently by hand.

So I decided to investigate and took the head off - it was ridiculously coked up to the point where the valves where jammed open. I dismantled the head, gave it a clean up and lapped the valves in a little bit but everything turned out to be spot on - So what caused all the fouling? The bikes been great all summer, many many miles, easy starting whatever the weather and great MPG.


I took the carb apart and noticed the slide was suddenly jammed. Turns out the white plastic washer on top of the needle which butts up against the spring had somehow managed to come off and sneak below the circlip and bottom plastic washer of the needle therefore wedging the needle far higher than usual and so letting in a huge excess of fuel as soon as the throttle was touched.


I have no idea why and how this happened as last time I used the bike before the problem I did 80 trouble free miles, got back home and switched it off. the slide spring still looks in good nick as do all the carb components.


It's a shame something so minor has caused me to have to remove the head. I don't like CV carbs anymore



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