91 kdx 250 tachs out upon starting

rod bearing was shot when i bought the bike, rebuilt the motor seems to run fine except it takes 4 to 5 kicks to start when cold and tachs out for 3 to 5 seconds before the idle starts coming down....once warm starts first kick at normal idle...what could be causing this?

Air leak

+1 on air leak

Try cleaning the choke on the carb. I assume it only does it when choked? Air leak would be a worse possibility so try the simple stuff first.

ok i started the bike and sprayed starting fluid around the base gasket and all around the carb made no difference in idle neither did cleaning the choke. so a few days ago my cousin visited andwanted to ride the bike around my backyard he was wearing sandals...trips while pushing the bike the bike falls on its side not hard and very briefly, he jumps on it  pulls the choke and it started first kick and didnt tach out...started it today still taching out upon starting....any other ideas?

Leave the peacock open for a while before starting.. Maybe it is just lean upon starts due to float level or something.. Hate to send you back to the carb.. Try propane when leak searching.

Peacock lol...u know I meant peacock! Pet cock! Whatever auto corrector.

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