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#$%*! What did I fry?

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I removed the ignition coil to check on the throttle stop screw on my 2000 WR400.  Looks like the prev owner already did the mod.  Excellent!  A few days later...


Not so excellent- I looked down after a short test ride for my Yoshimura RS3 spark arrester mod I just did to see something smoking.  I had forgotten to bolt the coil back on and its outer casing was being burned on the pipe. DOH!  I immediately when to grab it, and when I did, I saw a spark against the pipe.  It killed the bike immediately.


The bike fired up fine once I put some elec tape around the burned spot and bolted it back on with the ground.  Next I noticed I had no lights. I was concerned that this might have done some damage.


 The bulbs are fine. 


UPDATE:  I don't know how it happened, I just hit the headlights "off" switch.  I think I'm gonna remove that when I update my lighting... duh.

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Oh, the dreaded "off switch" malfunction.  That's a pretty tough fix, better take it to the dealer!

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