Spark Arrestor End Caps

I have a 2014 KX 450F. I need to get a pro billet spark arrestor end cap to be able to ride certain places. Pro billet does not have a product for 2014 yet. I was told that the KX did have any changes done at all between '13 and '14. Does anyone know if the '13 will fit and work on the '14. Pro billet will not confirm or deny this for me, they said to call back in 3 to 4 weeks. I'd like to get riding sooner than that. In theory the endcaps would be interchangable correct? The kawasaki dealer where I purchased wont give me an answer until they also hear from pro billet.

Check the factory part numbers for years 13 & 14, if they are the same then the 13 aftermarket endcap will fit.

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