2010 TTR125 idle problem

Hey I have a 2010 ttr125e that I bought new 2 years ago, and she ran like a charm up until today. I went to start it this morning after sitting for only 18 hours and wouldn't idle by itself without me feathering the throttle or having full choke on. I know a good bit about bikes but I don't want to go fiddling around with the carb until I know what I have to do because I'm trying to sell it. I think it may be the pilot jet but I'm not sure because it ran perfect 24 hours ago. Does anyone have any tips for me? :banghead:

Very likely the pilot jet. I would take it out and blow through it with compressed air to make sure there isn't anything in it. Have you checked the spark plug? Unlikely to be the problem, but an easy thing to check.

Ok, thanks. I did check the plug and that wasnt the problem because i replace it every year. And i had a hunch that it was the pilot jet

So i cleaned the pilot jet and it idles fine now thanks for the advice

Ok no problem. Glad I could help and great that you've got it running well again.


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