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regulator/rectifier yz 426

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I just got my bike plated,and am in the middle of getting the rear lights wired up.

 I got a wr rear fender with the tail/brake light on it.

 wired everything up, the brake light blows when I rev the motor.

 so I know I need to get a regulator/rectifier going to make it work right.

  I have read thru endless threads this morning and found which rectifier to get but I cant find any info on using a regulator from radio shack.

 any one have any info?


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I don't know how well a regulator from radio shack would work, but all it has to do is control the flow of electricity to the light.  so if it will put a lower output to the light then it should work. I'd try it if it is a cheaper way than getting a regulator kit from rockymountain.

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