what bike should i buy?

hello, im new to this, recently my cr80e has been stolen so im going to get a new bike but im not sure what to get, i want more power butt im not sure what i can fit on. im i was 5'3 the last time i was measured last year i havent grown much if i have at all so generally 5'3-5'5 i know i grew cause i was able to touch the floor better but it wasnt much to where it was very noticeable. i weigh 100 pounds, and i've been riding since i was 7years old im 14 now almost 15. weight is no issue its more of me being able to touch the floor tip toe on one foot would be fine pretty much i was looking at a crf150rb and kx100 but i learned there no bigger then the cr 80 big wheel and i dont wanna out grow it fast like the 80 or want more power quickly soo what would you guys suggest?

The kx 100

It can do a fine job.

I had one for the wife, I even rode it for a harescramble.

I was 5'10" 138#. I had no issues with it.

Your still at the stage where your a prefect fit for the kx100, get a set of klx110 pitbike bars really stretches out the cockpit. My buddy did this and is a good four inches taller and has about 35 pounds on ya and it's just right for him. So you can make space changes to the smaller bikes to make them more comfy.

But does it have alot more power then an 80 and is it any louder ?

Also i say weight isnt an issue because ive road my dads 1400cc harley and yes i felt the weight on the turns but i did fine and it didnt bother me

I had my sister measure me to the top of my forehead , im 5'5

go with the kx100.... its light, fast and durable

or look into a 125 like yz kx or cr

Ok so if i were able to find a good 125 isnt the yzs like 2" in. taller ? And i might go with honda cause theyre more reliable right ?

Ahh your really getting into deep waters right here. Any 125 2 stroke bike will require maintenance to keep it running right, don't measure in terms of reliably here because your going to have to change rings every x amounts of hours and so on there race bikes there built for high horse power. Look at it real hard and test it a long time before you commit to a 125 though ( don't just ride it up and down a straight) ask yourself if you can really throw it around on the trails they are kinda tall.

P.s. I'm a Honda man through and through hahaha

well if you want a big bike to really grow into you could get  a 125 but they are a little bit more to maintain and could cost a little more $$$ You could still look into the kx100 unless it would be 2 small for you idk . :rolleyes:

Ok thank you guys

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