Do I have the only 1983 ktm 125mx?

Trying to get the old bike back in shape for a while now, found some great vintage ktm parts, but just not enough for this model. Searching around cant seem to find any other owners of this model. 

I have talked with an owner of an 84, but big changes happened that year, most parts dont cross. The few parts on the auction site have been there over a year, with no new part outs. Starting to think I may have the last 

dinosaur with this thing..

I loved my 83,rode it hard, wore it out a couple times in 6 months then sold it,,, have never seen one since .

I have about 10 milk crates full of KTM parts around that year. I wouldn't know exactly what I have. My former son in law gave me I think an 83 and 84 125. I just haven't had the time to research the years.

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